Make Art in India

A collaboration within the
Art of Sculpture between
Skilled Indian Masters and
Talented Artists from the
whole world.
Creative Sculptors, Navajeevan Metal Sculptors and Manasa Wood Creations are now collaborating under a Swedish-Indian cultural organisation called Make Art in India.

About the program

Global Stone Workshop® and Creative Sculptors started 2014 the project “Make Art in India” together with Master of Art R. Ravindran, founder of the Navajeevan Metal Sculptors and Master of Art K. Ramesh, founder of the Manasa Wood Creations.The goal is to collaborate with artists from both India and abroad to produce large artworks in Stone, Bronze and Wood with the ambition of bringing together the Artists Creativity with the skill of the Indian Craftsmen.

Make Art in India

“MAKE ART IN INDIA®” moves principally on three fronts:

– Stimulate a deeper collaboration between Indian and Foreign Artists by connecting them to Art Institutions, Indian and International Art Fairs, Art Museums etc. for the production of non-traditional Artworks and Art Installations.

– As Experts in most techniques related to the production of durable artworks, “MAKE ART IN INDIA®” intend to collaborate with Artists, Architects and Builders to create and/or identify artworks to be placed in buildings, recreation parks, industries etc

– As Experts in important art monuments and religious installations, “MAKE ART IN INDIA®” is interested in producing major national/ international exhibitions and in structuring exhibitions spaces, museums and exhibitions halls.

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